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Alexis Ren and the Bikini, Bathing Suits and Swimwear Brands She Wears

​I just love Alexis Ren (Bikini Model)!

There is something about her that just seems very real to me. I was actually writing this article on the best bikini trimmer reviews when I decided to write this one as well.

I hope you enjoy learning how this mega babe gets in shape and got into modeling!

Shell xx

How old is Alexis Ren?

Born in the United States on the 23rd of November 1996, Alexis Ren (bikini model) was raised mostly in Santa Monica in sunny Southern California (SOCAL).

How did Alexis Grow up to Become a Model?

Alexis was homeschooled and a dancer for 10yrs (mostly ballet – but a combination lots of dance) so much so she was had her heart totally set on becoming a dance and was training 6-7 hours a day! (wow!)

Amazingly at the super young age of 13 (omg!), she got offered a life-changing call from agent Brandy Melville, after staff saw her doing a fitting at one of their stores.

Alexis Ren was given the opportunity to become a freelance bikini model for the final part of that year but after this trial period was over was offered a lucrative fulltime contract with the amazing agency (Nous Model Management)!

All this happened just as she reached the age of 14 and from there on out that is how Alexis Ren the beautiful bikini models career got started!

Can you imagine? 13!!

Where is Alexis now?

After losing her momma to cancer in 2013 Alexis Ren is now living in Hollywood where she says its hard to find people you can trust she has said that she really treasures those close friends and considers them family really more than friends.

Alexis laughs about how she is unorganized as [email protected]#$’ and since she was 16yrs old, has lived in more than 16 apartments!

One of Alexis biggest fears is staying the same and believes the being able to expand and grow is there the most important thing to maintain throughout life (so true!)

Did you know that Alexis moved to Tokio when she was 14! (I had no idea!)

How does Alexis maintain her body weight and perfect waist to wear bikini thongs?


Clean eating is the name of the game with bikini model Alexis Ren, her diet is really following the basics of great health.

  • No sugar (apart from fruit)
  • Zero red or fatty meat
  • No bread or pasta (I miss bread hehe)
  • Zero alcohol
  • It really goes without saying that she doesn’t eat junk food

Almost all raw food and only organic is the only way for the Alexis (I have been doing lot of this myself and will write about it soon)

Daily Gym routine

As Alexis has said in many interviews every day starts with a full body and cardio workout that lasts up to an hour or more.

Yoga and other workouts

Every day after her workout Alexis goes to a 1.5hr yoga class without fail. This is the final part of the process that she uses to keep her mind and body in perfect condition.

More Alexis Fun Facts:

  • On her foot, she has the word duality and the ace of spades on her finger! (how cool!)
  • She LOVES anime!
  • Here older sisters name is Rose (I love flowers!)
  • She considers a women’s body ART! (so do I!)
  • Alexia loves proving people wrong! (no she doesn’t, I do! lol)
  • She has more guy friends than girlfriends and Alexia isn’t very good at makeup (who would have thought!)
  • She has publicly spoken out about the eating disorder she has been struggling the past few years, because she didn’t want any more girls who look up to her to think that she is just perfect..(so good of her!) It was when her family sat her down and said ‘you have a problem’ that she finally realise she needed to do something about it (what a great family)

Find Alexis Ren social address here

Super active on all the social media platforms, I personally love to see when someone in the limelight is happy to share their adventures with me! 




Alexis Rеn only One the few full-time models who have a very active following of 19k and plays up to 800 THOUSAND TIMES! (it’s not just me who LOVES her lol)






Find her here where she has 12,032 readers and an average of 20-50 active readers online at any given time.




90k + followers, and over 3 million views!!

I hope this page was helpful for everyone in getting to know more about Alexis Ren bikini model and all around great girl!

Thank you for reading my post xox

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