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How to Clean Your Epilator in Just Five Minutes

The Epilator is girl’s best friend as it’s an efficient gadget that is the most efficient way of removing body hair.

Whilst it may seem like a pricey purchase, it's an investment gadget as it will save you time going to the salon for a wax or shaving your legs several times a week.

It’s important to choose the right epilator for you but it's imperative that you know how to clean the epilator head and you do so frequently. Last couples months using and just say love it panasonic close curves review

how to clean your epilator

You may ask yourself can you clean an epilator and this answer is a resounding yes!

If you don’t clean the epilator head regularly, bacteria can form in between the tweezers of the epilator and this could be transferred over to your skin and potentially cause an infection.

It can also clog up the epilator head making it less effective. Hairs can also get stuck in between the tweezers and the epilator doesn’t work as efficiently as when you have a clean epilator head.

In fact, you should clean the epilator head after every use, but don’t fear, it doesn’t take long. As you can clean the epilator in just five minutes, there isn’t any excuse why you should clean it after every application.

The simplest way to clean your epilator is to use the rotating cleaning brush that came with your epilator when you first bought it. You will need to push either side of the epilator and the head just pops off.

Here is exact step to clean Epiator

There are a few essential items you will need in order to successfully clean your epilator head. Make sure you have the following to hand:

  • A rotating cleaning brush which came with the epilator (if you can't find this, you can use an old toothbrush and it will work the same way)
  • Cotton wool balls to sanitise the epilator head once all the hair is removed
  • Antibacterial soap or gel (rubbing alcohol works really well if you have some)
  • Warm running water to rinse any residual hair away
  • Clean dry towel

Step1: Start With The Cleaning Brush

Take the rotating clean brush that came with your epilator and starts brushing it in between the tweezers of your epilator head. As the head is disconnected from the power pack, you can quite easily turn the head yourself and do this whilst continually brushing the tweezers. Push the button you used to disconnect the epilator head from the body and get your brush in there too for a thorough clean. Don’t worry if you can see hairs that your brush can't reach, when you put the epilator head under the running water the hairs should loosen and fall away.

Step2: Wash With Warm Water

Next, you will want to take the epilator head and hold it under running warm or hot water for around two minutes whilst turning the head again to ensure the water gets into the nooks and crannies. Change the speed of the running water to make sure you can get all the hairs out of the tweezers and any gaps you might have missed when you used the brush.

Step3: Remove The Bacteria

You will want to make sure that there are no residual bacteria left over in the epilator head so you are going to use an antibacterial gel, antibacterial soap or rubbing alcohol to double check. Put some of the antibacterial gel or rubbing alcohol onto a cotton wool ball and rub this all over the surface of the epilator head and the tweezers.

You can also run some warm water, put some antibacterial soap into a container and put the epilator head into the water and leave it for a few minutes. You now have a clean epilator head free of bacteria and body hair.

Step4: Drying the epilator head

It’s very important that you let your epilator head dry completely before you go to use it again. It’s best to leave the head on a clean dry towel upright until all the water has totally evaporated. You want to ensure all the water has gone before you reconnect it to the epilator body.

Now that you have a clean epilator head, the epilator is much more likely to last longer than if you let a build of bacteria, hair, dead skin and goodness knows what else remain in the epilator head. There is no excuse not to clean your epilator head regularly as this helpful guide has shown you how to clean your epilator in just five minutes.

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