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Shaving the Pubic Area – A Step By Step Guide

Step 1 – Preparing the skin for the shave

It is important to make sure that the skin and hair are clean and injury free before shaving. You can proceed to prepare the pubic area in the following ways.

  • Give the hair a trim

Shaving razors are typically designed to shave short hair. It is therefore important to give the hair in the pubic area a quick trim with a pair of scissors or a top bikini trimmer. Make sure that you are careful if you use as scissors because it is easy to nip yourself with an absentminded snip of the scissors. Trying to shave hair while it is still long will result in clogging up of the blades, making shaving that much harder.

  •  Take a bath or shower with warm to hot water

The best way to get your skin ready for a much easier and closer shave is to take a warm shower or bath. This will help make the skin softer and clean any residue of the skin and hair that could cause extra bumps and spots after shaving.

Step 2 – Shaving the pubic area

This is the step where the actual shaving of the hair occurs. It is a delicate process that involves the following actions.

  • Use a good shaving cream

Since the pubic area is very sensitive, it is important that the shaving cream selected takes into account the area to be shaved. A sensitive skin shaving cream would be recommended for shaving this area. This will help to reduce irritation.

  • Shaving the pubic area

To get the best shave possible for the pubic area, make sure that the skin is stretched nice and taut. This prevents possible slicing of the skin with the razor blade. In order to avoid uncomfortable ingrown hairs, try shaving with the grain or across it, instead of against it. Rinse the shaved area with water that is lukewarm, and later gently pat them shaved area dry with a dry towel, do not rub.

Step 3 – Aftercare for the shaved pubic area

After all the shaving is done, taking care of the skin is very important.

  • Exfoliate afterwards

Most specialists recommend exfoliating the skin on the pubic area after shaving in order to avoid the development of ingrown areas in addition to the removal of excess dirt on the surface.

  • Keeping the redness away

It is a common side effect to see some redness on the shaved skin after it has been shaved. Some baby oil and Aloe Vera may be very useful in helping alleviating this effect and can be applied generously.

  • Moisturizing the shaved area

Avoid dryness on the newly shaved skin by keeping it moisturized. Apply a good quality body moisturizing cream to the skin on a daily basis to keep it hydrated and bump free.

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