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Razor Bumps On Bikini Line – How To Get Rid Of and Prevent

Ok we all want to look great in our swimwear, but that perfect look can soon be ruined by pesky and unsightly bikini line bumps.

Sometimes, bumps along the bikini line are inevitable, but there are a few things you can do to prevent them greatly!

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Here are my top 5 tricks to avoid them:

1. NEVER Dry Shave!

No matter what you do, NEVER EVER dry shave!

Dry shaving will lead to more bumps and you may also end up cutting yourself. Don’t do it.

Applying shaving cream or foam to the area before shaving is one solution. This will keep your skin moisturised and allow for a smoother shave. For an even better shave, stand in a steamy shower (or soak in a hot bath) for 5-10 minutes before applying your shaving foam. This will open your hair follicles for better removal.

2. Only Use a GOOD Razor!

Some things are always worth spending a little extra cash on. One of these things is a decent razor.

Opt for a good quality razor with several blades, and you’ll have a smooth shave in one sweep. Here is a selection of the best bikini shavers to select from. Buying a cheaper razor may give you a bad shave; you’ll end up having to go over the area more times, which adds extra stress to your skin and increases the likelihood of bikini line bumps after you’ve finished.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your bikini area helps to get rid of dead skin and allows for a better shave.

Don’t exfoliate too hard; you may end up damaging your sensitive skin. Rub the area with a gentle exfoliator and ensure all the product is rinsed off before shaving.

4. Don’t Go Over the Top

It may be tempting to shave your bikini line often. This could actually be a problem. Shaving over and over will only cause more bikini line bumps to surface.

If you’re prone to these bumps, let your skin have a rest and allow your hair to grow back a little first. Once you’ve allowed the hair to grow and your skin to have a breather, start from the beginning of the steps we’ve provided and you’ll notice less bumps.

5. Use a Moisturizer

While it may be easy to jump in the shower, have a quick shave and jump out again, you’re not helping your bikini line. Take time to shave properly, dry yourself off and moisturize your skin.

An unperfumed gel or cream is best for the bikini line. It won’t irritate skin like a perfumed moisturizer, and it will help prevent any future bumps appearing.

However you choose to prevent bikini line bumps, the main trick is to not overdo it. Follow these tips when you shave (and don’t shave every single day!) and you’ll notice a reduction in those despised bikini line bumps.

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