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​A trip to the beach is much more than just relishing sand and sun. It is all about partying with fun activities and making the most of the surroundings.

They are the best part of summer where you can enjoy the great outdoors, excellent food, drinks and the bright sunshine.

Beach parties are always remembered by the guests and an awesome getaway for everyone in the scorching heat of summers.

​Here are a few tips on things you should take along with you to a beach party.

​ To fully enjoy your time on the beach, bring lots of water along as it is easy to get dehydrated on the beach and an average adult requires around 8 full glasses of water each day but when you are lying in the sun this number increases.

​ Bring a compact cooler to keep your bottled water, lemonade; beer for any food that could melt can also be kept safe and fresh.


​ Never forget to bring a good sunscreen along to avoid any sunburn that may cause irritation later on. Make sure you know which SPF suits your skin. ​I profoundly advise taking an eco-friendly sun cream that does not contain poisonous chemicals.


​ Music to a beach trip can make it more exciting and enjoyable.

Prepare some of your favourite’s iPod playlists for the write down the beach. Bring party woofers to make your party more entertaining and memorable. This will allow you to pin up your phone and play your favorite party songs right from your phone’s playlist and add more fun to the party
because who doesn’t love music?


​Clicking pictures is everyone’s favorite activity at a beach party. Sandman and sand writing contests result for a post-party photo gallery. Don’t forget to bring a good quality camera. Ever since Instagram and other social websites funny and chic floatables have become the entire craze at the beach parties, now you get anything from Unicorn floats to inflatable water slides. They are an imperative thing on any girl’s beach
party list!

And yes they can make your pictures more fun cool.


​While selecting food for your party, always keep in mind what’s portable and what will be. You can bring along marshmallows and potatoes for roasting if you are parting with bonfires. Hot dogs, chicken wings, sandwiches, and cakes are great choice to take on the beach because BBQ on the beach is a great activity after 6pm so don’t forget to bring the Barbecue grill and some coal. Everyone doesn’t like the same beverages so try to bring variation in the choice of alcohol,
chilled beer, and fresh juices.


​Beach parties as they are well-liked options too and can be made in bigger batches.

Football, bocce balls, Frisbees or any other game activity is something that everyone enjoys. Select a game before the
party and bring them along with you to make your party outstanding. Beach volleyball tennis is a great after food activity so make sure to bring a rope on the net make your party more entertaining. As a precautionary measure, it’s
always recommended to keep a little first aid kit on the beach, they are surprisingly very handy and it is always better to be prepared for any situation on a party.


​An umbrella is an excellent idea to keep the children protected from all that sunlight. Not only that, but beach can be moderately severe, not only with the sun radiating down from overhead but rebounding off the sand as well.


​Sunglasses are a necessity. Nevertheless, when it comes to eye health, sunglasses perform a very vital role. For beginners, sunglasses are produced with the aim of shielding your eyes from UV rays. Apart from light, sunglasses can also protect your eyes from detritus, dust, and wind that may cause damages and inflammation to the eyes so make sure to shield your eyes from the sun on your beach party; I personally can’t even go outdoors without sunglasses. Plastic reduction makes it even better, and don’t forget selecting a fashionable beach hat for more protection.


​ Trip hammocks are our style of life when we party. They are ideal to throw up when you spot two palm trees to recline under. Beach blankets are always required. It also wraps up very compactly for packing purposes. There are sand masses on the sides, too so it won’t flap around in the beach breeze! It even has sacs for your stuff.


​ A few sets of shorts and tank tops are always a great idea. Tank tops because they keep you cool.

And don’t forget the money.

Beach parties are the best. Enjoy the next one for me!

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